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Membership gives you full access to the hackerspace, including the use of any tools and equipment. Need to 3D print something? Done. Solder some componants onto a microcontroller? Check. Carve a piece of art with the laser cutter? We gotcha.

Discounts in the store

Members enjoy a 10% discount on everything they buy from our store. Boards, components, kits, everything. Become a member and you'll pay less for your hardware.

Discounts on classes

Want to take a class? Cool. As a member, you'll get a full 25% discount on any class fees, as well as the standard 10% discount on any materials purchased in the store.

$59 / month

If you don't know which membership plan you need, you probably want this one.

Discount Hacker
$29 / month

Because money shouldn't prevent you from joining a hackerspace.

Weekend Hacker
$19 / month

Support Your Local Hackerspace! Access limited to weekends only.

Hardcore Hacker
$649 / year

Pay for a year and get one month free! If you consent, we'll also give you a hug!

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All members are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older, though we often run events and workshops where minors are invited. Anyone who participates in outreach events and/or contributes in a meaningful way to the hackerspace may be eligible for a period of free membership.

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