Come to the hackerspace and see it for yourself! We're always happy to give tours.

Community Workspace

Build. Hack. Tinker. Or play games. Whatever floats your boat.

Our workspace is the main area of the hackerspace, and operates on a first come, first served basis for our members. We have plenty of tables and chairs and a small kitchenette with a coffee maker, so grab a seat and do your thing!

Electronics Workstation

We've got the tools for any electronics project.

Whether you're building a robot or making an LED blink for the first time, we've got what you need. From soldering irons, to multimiters and oscilloscopes, to pliers, cutters, crimpers, and tweezers, and much more.

3D Printing Station

It's useful! It's fun! It's 3D printing!

Whether you need replace a broken part, need mini's for your table-top games, or want to make art, we've got you covered. Two 3D printers currently live at the space, a FlashForge Finder, and a Taz LulzBot.

Textile Arts & Crafting Studio

Get your craft on!

More than coding and electronics, Root Access is fully stocked for your knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, paper craft, and jewelry making projects. When combined with all the other tools and tech at the hackerspace, we're a great place to work on cosplay and wearable tech projects!

Wood Shop

Coming soon. Coming very. very. soon.

A fully decked-out wood shop, full of hand tools, power tools, and equipment with big beefy motors. With a bit more cleanup and some organization, our wood shop will be a great place for small-to-medium woodworking projects.